Mistress Ava

Mistress Ava Paris, sunday morning

Tonight I met Michael for the first time and my pleasure was tremendously great. As soon as he came into my flat, I ordered this charming thirty-two year boy to kneel down in front of me and to undress, fully naked! Then my nails caught firmly his nipples and pressured then intensively. Tied up with a collar, I used the leash to make him toddle along like a sweet obedient little dog.
Next I forced him to lie on his back and I lay upon him with all the strength of my body magnified by a black Saint Laurent suit, skin-coloured lingerie and polished pumps.
Michael was on the verge to explode, so I ordered him to calm down. I wanted the pleasure to last long! I strived to enjoy, as long as possible, this new brown-haired and green-eyed boy with his pleasant cock and his wide catlike eyes.
During two consequent hours, my pleasure disposed of Michael. He was completely at my disposal. I lashed him, spanked him, rolled him around, punished him, toyed him, stroked him, penetrated him like a girl.

Men's talk

Here my lovers will write their feelings about our meeting. It is way to share their feeling and to make the pleasure last. To be published, write me in English or French. Beware! I request an high quality style!

Sunday morning 

If there's a game that I love, It's the face-sitting. It consists in keeping my dancing shoes or my boots, my stockings and my leather or vinyl gloves, and to crush with the whole weight of my sex, the face of my subject for as long as I  wish. In order to enjoy to repletion the willing mouth. To make good use of it.  According to my own rhythm, my own desires. To come or not according to my will.   To feel the boy under me, humiliated, possessed, at my mercy, avid to belong and 
to give satisfaction! And then, what pleasure, in this dominant position, to be able, with my free hands, to take the nipples of the man-object, to pinch them strongly! And also, if I wish it, to dispose of the small anus or the bonded sex, in order to play with it until satisfaction! 

monday midnight

Today, I saw Philippe again, a big boy with an athlete's build, and I made him my superb female. White stockings, midnight blue cincher and red ballet shoes, such was his little slut outfit, which earned him the most extreme submission.  Enhanced by the cincher, Philippe's ass, completely offered to my view and to my  hands, tempted me for a long time. So, after playing with this beautiful body as 
with a doll, I didn't resist the temptation, and I deeply sodomized it after having punished it. For a long time, methodically, with emotion and severity. I had the feeling that it was I, the boy; and him, besides, imagined to be my wife. My raped wife, adorned and fragrant to please me. Decided to do everything in her small female power to excite me. Finally he came, squealing like a girl. And I adored that.

Sunday, 10:00 pm

For the first time, Xavier arrives at home. Magnificent man in his forties,  particularly elegant, comfortable with himself. His hair smells good. His skin is soft, pleasant to the touch. His nipples are hypersensitive. As for his small ass, a true treat! Slowly, after opening it, I force it completely with my pretty vibrating geisha balls. And I look with emotion at this man obviously  dominant in his social life, completely at my mercy. Lost in a dream world far from his reality. 

tuesday , 10:00 AM

Now it is Jean-Jacques's turn. Charming, jovial and thoughtful, he loves my vinyl black raincoat. It is true that myself, I adore this fabric. And when I get out in the street, hair floating in the wind, clothed in a tight-fitting vinyl trousers, with boots, a leather biker's jacket, leather gloves and a small tight-fitting top, I noticed that the men stop dead, petrified like salt statues. Either alone or with their wife. Subsequently I avoid wearing this outfit in everyday life as to not trigger some dramas. On the other hand,  I  don't go without some with my men-object. To possess them and to feel the ascendancy that I exercise on them. To watch their dimmed eyes, their melting  will, their pretty sex and their small ass offering themselves. And there, what Jean-Jacques liked, in addition to vinyl, was that I scold him. 
Today, Friday evening, I reconsider to this past week with great pleasure. I had decided to be more selective and subsequently the quality of my pleasures has been enhanced. My men-object were chosen, varied, multiple, delicious. Not one false note! Sophistication, pleasure of the extremes, sensation of being 
transported beyond the vulgarity of the social realities, in a dream world woven of the essential: the fusion with the Other. Strangely enough, and contrary to what one could imagine, I perceived that these meetings, a priori libertine, led to a great affection, a particular sort of love that I didn't know. Thus, to actively possess a man, to make him give himself and research only one state: belonging!, necessarily commits one in a form of self abandon.

Maitresse Ava